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By the time you have reached the stage when writing a dissertation is a requirement or an option for you you will already be very familiar with academic writing conventions. You will have been writing essays that require an academic style, Harvard referencing and a high level of analysis and critical thinking. The primary
Piecing together your dissertation. Welcome! Here is a wide-ranging collection of resources to help you with your dissertation. These are brought to you by the Library and Student Learning Development. Have a browse and see what you can find! Getting started · Managing and evaluating information · Searching.
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Dissertations and academic articles used always to be written in the third person, and in the passive voice; as an example, you might write 'An experiment was carried out to test…' However, many journals have now moved away from that convention and request first person and active voice, which would require you to write The Wednesday Workshop –. Dissertation Skills for MA and MSc Students: Writing Up Your Research. Louise Livesey. This workshop will: -. Examine writing activities, such as the processes of planning, structuring, drafting and editing when handling extended pieces of academic writing.
Your dissertation could be the biggest thing you ever write, learn helpful skills in how to do it. One to One sessions. In addition to our workshops below you can meet with specialist study skills tutors who can help you with all aspects of academic work. How to Tackle a Literature Review. A workshop examining the main
This example skills profile has been designed to help honours students reflect on the skills that they have acquired as a result of completing their undergraduate dissertation. It is suggested that you compile your own skills profile for your dissertation to help you articulate and evidence these academic and transferable skills.
What is the dissertation all about? • It is probably the longest piece of academic work you will complete. • It will require effective project management, research, academic writing and data collation and analysis skills to complete on time. • It is the one piece of work that is truly your own – ie. you choose the topic; you formulate
Undergraduate Dissertation The Academic Skills Hub (TASH) logo. A dissertation is a long piece of writing, detailing your independent research, and setting out for other scholars in the field what you have found. It's commonly done in the final year of your undergraduate studies, although there may be valuable
Don't despair! A dissertation is not just an extra-long essay, it is divided into sections or chapters. It may be useful to think of a dissertation in terms of three or four linked essays. By now you will have already written several essays, so writing a dissertation isn't really that different. Typically, the term dissertation is used in

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